Does Waiting To Buy Make Sense?

Here’s the information you need to make an informed home-buying decision.  Should you wait to buy? That’s the question I’m exploring today. I’ll offer my thoughts, predictions about the market, and what you should know if you’re a prospective homebuyer.   Feel free to watch the full video or use these timestamps to browse specific […]

Why FHA Loans Are Still a Great Option

Remember that you can refinance out of your FHA loan as you gain equity.   Let’s talk a bit about FHA loans today. A viewer of ours is looking to refinance their FHA loan to a conventional loan. Home values went up so much that they have enough equity to remove their private mortgage insurance. […]

Should You Prepare for a Market Crash?

How you should prepare if the market were to drop…  I was recently asked what the options are to get out of a $500,000 house if the market crashes, so today I’m clearing a few things up. First, nothing indicates that a crash is on the horizon anytime soon. With that, let’s take this hypothetical […]

Why You Should Always Buy Now

Should you buy a home now or wait and save up some more money?  Today Franciso Uriostegui asks whether he should buy a home now or wait longer and keep saving. We had this conversation a while ago, and Josh had a pretty profound statement: You cannot save as fast home values go up. Let’s […]

Do You Pay Closing Costs When Refinancing?

Here’s what you should know about closing costs when refinancing a loan. Recently, a regular listener/watcher of ours, Michael Duree, asked if you pay closing fees each time you refinance your home, and today we’re answering that question in full. The answer is yes, there are closing costs every time you get a loan, so […]

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