2019 Financial Health Checkup

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Your Mortgage Planning Review Covers the Following

  • Detailed Home Value Report and Equity Trend Analysis
  • Review Interest Rate and Loan Term
  • Review Debts for Consolidation Opportunities
  • Review Equity for investment or improvement opportunities

Real Estate

Your Real Estate Planning Review Covers the Following

  • What's New in the Community
  • Detailed Community Real Estate Market Analysis Report
  • Sign up for Free Monthly Home Value Report (email)
  • Explore move up / move down / investment opportunities


Your Financial Planning Review Covers the Following

  • Understand the basics of developing a smart financial plan
  • Maintain financial balance by being prepared for risks and unexpected events
  • Identify risks that could throw your retirement plans off track
  • Plan for a more confident retirement


Your Insurance Planning Review Covers the Following

  • Review any changes in personal property
  • Review any improvements made to real property
  • Review coverages and deductibles
  • Explore savings, bundling, or addition of new policies


Your Tax Planning Review Covers the Following

  • Review how 2018 tax laws will affect your 2019 withholdings
  • Suggest adjustments to withholdings to maximize take home
  • Plan 2019 tax strategy based on new tax laws
  • Review up to 3 previous years tax returns to look for missed refunds


Your Estate Planning Review Covers the Following

  • Provide a minor child guardianship nomination (guardian for your minor children)
  • Review title to your primary residence to ensure that you get the step up in basis (capital gains step-up) at the death of the first spouse (ensures tax savings).
  • Assess wishes and goals for your estate/assets after your death and/or incapacity
  • Review your existing estate plan (trust/will) and provide recommendations.

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